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Multi trailer system
Multi trailer system
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Buiscar Cargo Solutions BV for more than 40 years experience in trailers

Buiscar Cargo Solutions in Holland, the Netherlands is the leading Quality manufacturer of Heavy Duty trailers for use on port terminals and industrial areas of manufacturing and process industries. We manufacture roll trailers, goosenecks, skeletal trailers, multi-(Flexi-) trailer systems, Industrial trailers which include many types of custom made trailers as per client request. By focusing on Quality for the heavy duty use, Durability/Reliability, Service and After Sales, Buiscar has built a sound reputation for the supply of first class port terminal trailers fit for the divers client purposes.

Port trailers like: Container chassis, platform trailers, multi trailers, flexi trailers, yard trailers, terminal trailers, bumpcars, bombcarts, etc.

Internal transport trailers (wagens, anhänger) like: Heavy load (zwaarlast, schwerlast) trailers, platform trailers, low bed trailers, multi wheel steering (multi wiel gestuurde, allrad lenkung) trailers, lift (hef, hebe) trailers, etc.

* Certified NEN-EN-ISO9001:2008 by TÜV.

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Industrial trailers